Samenstelling en presentatie : Jan Van Deyck
Uitzending op zaterdag 4 juli 2020 om 20.00 uur

Het programma is beluisterbaar via livestream van Radio Minerva

 Milton Grayson - It Ain't Necessarily So
 Kenny Lynch - Why do you treat me this way
 Al Alberts - Before Tomorrow Is Yesterday
 Jack Ary - Les Tomates
 Jamo Thomas - I Spy For The FBI
 Johnny Taylor - Rome (Wasnt Built In A Day)
 Little Hank - Mr. Bang bang man
 Maureen Evans - like i do
 Pat Hervey - I Wouldn't Blame You
 Serge Gainsbourg - Le Claqueur De Doigts
 Shirelles - Foolish Little Girl
 Three Swingers - Kookie little paradise
 Jerry Goldsmith Singers - You Gotta Let Me Go
 Barbara Redd - I'll Be All Alone (time goes by)
 Bet E Martin - I Know A Girl
 Don Rondo - King Of Holiday Island
 Gene McDaniels - A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
 Donna Hightower - C'est Toi Mon Idole
 Mary Wells - That's Why I Love You (Like I Do) 
 Cheyennes - Outlaw 

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